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Associate, Senior Design Architect & Director of Senior Living Environments | Zimmerman Architectural Studios

Barry C. Yang


Barry C Yang, AIA, Associate & Senior Design Architect @ Zimmerman Architectural Studios, has practiced architecture in the United States, Taiwan and China in the past 23 years. While working on various building types, he has devoted himself to the study of human behaviors with a focus on senior living environments, including Life Plan Communities, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Hospice and Skilled Nursing Facilities. He believes that the meaning of architecture is defined by the satisfaction of building occupants physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially. The relationship between human behaviors and architecture is closely related to each other. Barry is interested in the way the built environment provides a hierarchy of spaces & different scales of social context to "encourage" human activities. In other words, he is interested in creating a sense of community through a sequence of spaces for a sequence of incidents to encourage membership, activities, and engagement. The living environment should be always considered as "therapeutic" and lead to people’s independence, dignity, health, and enjoyment of life.