Pre-fabrication, modularization, and off-site manufacturing

Project Delivery Symposium 2021: Delivering the Future | Session 6 | 1 LU

Tuesday, March 9, 3:30pm ET

This course will discuss the current use of pre-fabrication, modularization, and off-site manufacturing, including what each of these terms means, and how each is leveraged. Panelists will address which markets currently use these techniques, which are positioned for use, how they are changing the way the industry thinks about the project delivery model, and strategies for success implementing, integrating and managing these techniques.

Learning objectives

  • Review current and future markets and building types where there are opportunities to use prefabricated, off-site manufactured components.
  • Define common industry terms, and how use of prefabricated, off-site manufactured components change the approach to collaboration, integration, and project delivery.
  • Cite examples of how BIM models are being used in construction and direct-to-fabrication processes today, and future opportunities to expand their use.
  • List pre-requisites to successful use of prefabricated, off-site manufactured components.