International project delivery practices and models

Project Delivery Symposium 2021: Delivering the Future | Session 4 | 1 LU

Tuesday, March 9, 1:00pm ET

This session will provide an overview of advanced delivery methods internationally and within the United States encompassing both delivery methods and how Authorities Having Jurisdiction review and approve projects. Panelists will address questions such as: How do AHJ’s leverage advanced methods for reviewing and approving projects in various areas throughout the world? What role do IFC, Common Development Environment, digital submission, rule-based review play for both the design team and the AHJ in the design and review of projects? What are the benefits of teams working in a common environment and having the ability to deliver documents to AHJ digitally either as a complete BIM, or even 2D digital documents, and what does it take to be successful in this environment?

Learning objectives

  • Understand how municipalities have benefited from moving from a paper-based submission process to an all-digital process.
  • Learn about the benefits of a Common Development Environment (CDE) within the design teams.
  • Learn about the benefits of moving from a 2D review process to a BIM-based review process.
  • Learn about rule-based tools for reviewing BIM files.


  • Jim Bedrick, FAIA, Principal | AEC Process Engineering 
  • Scott Domansky, Principal Economist | City of Seattle  
  • Andy Higgins, Engineering Services Director | Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections  
  • Tony Rinella, Senior Director, Strategic Building Innovation | bimSCORE