Advancing project delivery with VDC

Project Delivery Symposium 2021: Delivering the Future | Session 5 | 1 LU

Tuesday, March 9, 2:20pm ET

Design work is challenging from a time perspective. Design is conceptualized in the present. Structures are built and then operated in the future. Owners want a fully coordinated and functioning model with asset and facilities management data turned over at the end of the project. Projecting costs and other economic conditions into the future is complicated. Until recently, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) techniques were being leveraged to design and build. VDC has turned concepts into models and advanced project delivery towards a more predictable environment. VDC is a means to collaboration and Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the unifying tool. Architect-led VDC-process is few and far between. In many instances, the VDC project delivery centers around the construction manager and the subcontractors instead of being focused on the owner/operator.

The Owner is a key player and decision-maker throughout the building life cycle but is often left out of the VDC process until the very end of project delivery. How can we change this system to become more effective? How can Owners maximize the potentials of VDC and benefit from digital-twin and achieve operational efficiency? Architects and CMs will share their perspectives on the Owner’s roles in the VDC process and bring to the panel their VDC power and intelligence to speak about how they meet the project’s goals and objectives and improve the project delivery ecosystem. Furthermore, speakers will discuss managing expectations and accountability of the team in the VDC process. Join this session and become a part of the next generation of smart design and construction practices and learn how VDC can make your next project more successful.

Learning objectives

  • Discuss how VDC fosters trust, teamwork, and collaboration among the Owners; design, construction, and trade partners, enabling timely decision-making throughout the project delivery process.
  • Explain how VDC facilitates consensus-building and collaboration by using BIM Execution Plan and Level of Development (LOD) to organize the work and continuous QA/QC, ensuring proper functionality and conformance with the program.
  • Discuss how VDC solutions help Owners maximize efficiency from planning to design, procurement, construction, and operations.
  • Describe how VDC informs Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS) and how Owners can maximize VDC potential.