TAP Building Connections 2022

Architectural practice is undergoing a digital transformation while at the same time, our built environment needs to become more resilient and equitable. Technology and data will be integral to these efforts, unleashing the ability to analyze the current state and simulate the future using new human-centric measures, essentially expanding the concept of “site analysis”.  Design outcomes will be based on health, diversity, accessibility, walkability, sustainability, and other measures to effectively develop better communities. As powerful as these new tools will be, we must recognize that the underlying data can be flawed and may reinforce stereotypes or exacerbate problems like racial bias.

How will we as architects train ourselves in data literacy so we do not misuse [intentionally or not] this data in our work? What data is available to you and your community now, and how can you leverage it in your next project? What tools can your practice use to interact and engage within the communities you are designing, so you can hear from everyone?

 Join us to explore these and other questions over three days in January at the virtual AIA TAP Building Connections Congress.

January 18, 12pm ET - Design | Equity | Data  

January 19, 12 pm ET - Digital Transformation and Leveraging Community Data 

January 20, 12pm ET - Using Virtual Community Engagement Techniques on Your Next Project