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High Performance Insulation in Commercial Roof Assemblies

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Commercial roofing systems are quite varied. As such, their performance expectations are varied, and their suitability for different applications vary. Certain types of high performance roofing systems require specific components, and performance standards to achieve energy efficient and durable life cycle performance. This course describes the high-performance attributes of extruded polystyrene (XPS) and cellular glass insulations in commercial roofing applications, including PRMA (plaza deck, vegetative roofs, and split slabs), unprotected roof membranes, architectural metal and asphalt pavement systems for which cellular glass and XPS are uniquely suited. It defines the building code/performance standards and best specification practices for those systems. Further, it compares various insulation types, how they are manufactured, and how the manufacturing process affects the physical properties and performance of each type of insulation.

Course expires 08/01/2024

Learning Objectives


Identify physical property differences between XPS, EPS, polyiso, and cellular glass insulation 


Understand 4 high-performance commercial roofing applications that utilize the superior attributes of XPS & Cellular Glass 


Understand key building code requirements for the four commercial roofing applications 


Identify best specification practices for rigid board insulation to enable accurate project bids 

This session was recorded live on August 23, 2023.

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