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  • Emerge by AIAU: Building Codes in Architecture

Emerge by AIAU: Building Codes in Architecture

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Building codes can appear complex, opaque, and overwhelming, changing often over time and differing across the country. But what if we could adjust our perspective in a way that would allow us to view building codes through a different lens?

Emerge by AIAU has brought together several thought leaders on building codes in architectural practice to provide that lens.

Building codes are essential to the architect's commitment to the public’s health, safety, and welfare. In this course you will learn how building codes have evolved over time and how they impact the profession today. As emerging professionals, you should understand the power of building codes as problem-solving tools, and how your career can benefit from greater understanding and appreciation for the influence of codes on design leading to alternative practice models and career paths you might not have considered.

The course consists of four segments covering:

  1. The history of building codes
  2. The impact of codes on modern architectural practice
  3. Design and building
  4. Career paths for licensed professionals​​

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This course expires 11/1/2024.

Learning Objectives


Discuss the history of building codes, their ever-changing status today, and how they may interact with building design in the future.


Explain the impact of codes on modern architectural practice, including licensure, protecting public health/safety/welfare, maintaining a standard of care, ethics, and public policy.


Discuss how to incorporate codes at the early stage of design, citing examples from the seminal publication Building Codes Illustrated.


Examine career paths for licensed professionals, like code compliance consulting, building official positions, and others you may have yet to consider.