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  • The Role of Renewable Energy | Course 8

The Role of Renewable Energy | Course 8

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The goal of the 2030 Challenge is to create buildings that use zero fossil fuels. After implementing low/no cost design and efficiency measures in a building project, renewable energy emerges as the final step to reaching aggressive carbon elimination goals. This session will explore the relationships between efficiency and renewable energy, and investigate current renewable energy opportunities both on-site and off-site at neighborhood, district, and utility scales. 

The AIA+2030 Online Series is an AIA and Architecture 2030 co-production.

It's based on the highly successful AIA+2030 Professional Series, which was created by AIA Seattle and Architecture 2030, with support from the City of Seattle and Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Course expires: 01/25/2027

Learning Objectives


Identify the major on- and off-site renewable energy strategies for buildings


Propose appropriate renewable energy strategies based on site characteristics and resources


Enumerate the life cycle costs and benefits of on- and off-site renewable energy


Understand how to use alternative renewable sources, such as district energy and biofuels, efficiently and in ways that emit low/no GHG emissions.