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  • Accessibility: A Photographic Look at Recurrent Non-Complying Elements

Accessibility: A Photographic Look at Recurrent Non-Complying Elements

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Do these oversights result from a lack of awareness, incomplete drawings and specifications, or sloppy construction? Or has the topic become so complex planners can't synthesize relevant information? 
This presentation will look at items of non-compliance most frequently found in construction. You'll review photos of existing installations; join a discussion of what went wrong, was missing, or was misunderstood; and gain essential insights into the access issues to watch for and preemptively address in future projects.

Course expires 6/11/2025

Learning Objectives


Engage in a robust conversation and review of example problems to better recognize typical non-complying items before they projects are built.


Increase your understanding of issues that must be addressed early for effective, compliant access.


Identify those elements needing more attention during design and construction for compliant installation.


Appreciate the steps necessary for successful access-implementation across projects, and learn how to incorporate pertinent information into construction documents and specifications.