Initiatives in urban/master planning

Project Delivery Symposium 2021: Delivering the Future | Session 3 | 1 LU

Monday, March 8, 3:30pm ET

This session consists of several thought leaders who work in both planning and architecture, describing both current trends and forward-thinking to create more livable, sustainable blueprints that set the table for successful delivery of subsequent building projects. The panelists will discuss best practices in both the planning and development of military installations as well as urban development, demonstrating that great planning benefits communities of all types and populations.

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the linkage between a sound master plan and sound project delivery practices.
  • Explain best practices for urban master planning in both private development and military communities.
  • Understand the use of data science and collection to develop detailed based planning scenarios.
  • Describe examples of resilient planning that facilitate and enhance communities and future development.