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Julie An

Landscape Architect  |  San Francisco Public Works

Julie An is a licensed landscape architect who graduated from USC and worked in the private sector in Southern California before joining the Bureau of Landscape Architecture of San Francisco Public Works in 2018. Since then, Julie had the opportunity to work on many impactful public projects in streetscape design, urban parks, and various city agency facilities. As a technically savvy and socially conscious designer, Julie enjoys all phases of the design process - from concept design development through community outreach and collaboration, to the unforeseen challenges of construction administration. Julie is also a member of the Public Works Racial Equity Committee and is dedicated to promoting racial equity, diversity, and inclusion within the department and while serving the public.


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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for the Workforce: A Look at a Public Agency’s Strategy

How does a city department identify, understand, develop, and implement a racial equity plan to help rectify the systemic racism that has been prevalent in our history and built environment?

San Francisco has been shaped by a history that has included bias, discrimination, and systemic racism. Confronting these issues is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Constructing a new anti-racist foundation for our 121-year-old department, San Francisco Public Works, will not happen overnight and it will not be smooth. Not only must we overcome bureaucratic hurdles, but also deeply personal ones. This webinar will review the steps our department has taken in the formation and implementation of our Racial Equity Initiative, the lessons we are learning, and where we hope to go to create a more equitable city. Presented by the Public Architects Committee.

Course expires 12/5/2025

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