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Course questions

It’s simple. Click the "Add to cart" button on a course overview page to add a course to your shopping cart. When you are finished shopping for courses, click on the shopping cart and complete the check-out process. All sales are final.
Anyone can purchase AIAU courses. AIA members receive a discount as a benefit of membership.
Sign in to your AIAU account. Click on “My AIAU” and select “My courses” from the dropdown menu. This page will list all of your available courses, along with any courses you have completed. Click on any available course to begin or continue.
  • On-demand courses | You can start a self-paced, on-demand course and return to it later—as often as you need to—through the course expiration date. When you’re ready to begin your course again, activities you have already completed will be checked off, so you only have to complete any activities you have not accessed. Courses are only registered as complete once you have viewed all course content, and passed the quiz.
  • Live courses | You must attend AIAU Live courses live to earn LUs unless otherwise noted. If a Live course is recorded and offered on-demand, completion requirements for on-demand courses apply.
Subscriptions on AIAU run on a calendar year basis and are not prorated, ending on Dec 31 of the year purchased.
In most states, you can meet your requirements by earning credits through AIAU, but you should check with your state licensing board to verify that credits earned through AIAU are accepted.
Yes. To purchase AIAU courses in bulk, click the bulk purchase check box on the course purchase page and enter the number of seats you wish to purchase.
The quantity-based discounts below will automatically be applied in your cart.
  • 10-19 = 10% off
  • 20-29 = 20% off
  • 30-39 = 30% off
  • 40-49 = 40% off
  • 50 or more = 50% off
No. Only users logged into their AIAU profile who meet the completion criteria for any credit-bearing learning program will be issued credit.
You must complete these four steps to be awarded credit for a course.
  1. Purchase the course
  2. View the course content (per live or on-demand requirements)
  3. Pass the quiz (On-demand)
Yes. You can take the quiz until you pass or the course expires.
Yes! After you have purchased a course, it will always available on your My Courses page for review until the course expires. Note: You cannot earn additional LUs for retaking completed courses you have already passed.
AIAU maintains a no refund policy on all purchases. AIAU reserves the right to offer exchanges for products of equal or lesser value in extenuating circumstances. AIAU will not refund the difference of an exchange for lesser value products. Exchanges will not be considered for live course no-shows. To request an exchange, contact,

Transcripts & certificates

You will see your AIAU credits on your transcript within ten business days after course completion.
It’s easy. As soon as you complete all the course requirements a link to your certificate will appear on the course page. Click on the link to retrieve your certificate.

Technical help

Supported Browsers:
  • Edge 117 or newer
  • Chrome 117 or newer
Operating Systems:
  • Windows 10 or newer
  • MacOS 14
You can take AIAU courses on your laptop or desktop computer and on Apple iOS and Android tablets. While the courses will run on smartphones, this is not recommended.
No. Courses are not available for offline viewing. AIAU provides course information and tracks your progress in real-time. You can access this information at any time by logging into your AIAU account.

Account questions

Please log into and proceed to Manage your account to update your email and other information; or contact Member Services at (800) 242-3837 or to update your user account information. AIAU leverages Universal Login and recognizes users by email address, therefore, it is essential to keep your email address up-to-date. Please do not create a second account in an effort to update your information. AIA MEMBERS | If you do not log in with your membership credentials, the system will not recognize you as a member and you will not receive the member discount on your AIAU purchases. If you have updated your email address with Member Services but are not seeing past courses in your AIAU account contact prior to taking any additional courses.
AIAU courses are subject to regular review and may expire from AIA eligibility. Notice is posted on the course page of expiring courses at least 45 prior to expiration. Regular engagement with your courses and AIAU account is recommended.
E-mail us at, or you can contact us anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, by calling (800) 242-3837, option 3.
We’re glad you asked! An AIA membership connects you to new industry developments, gives you a voice in the issues that matter, and keeps you on the fast track to a creative, productive future. You also get a significant discount on AIAU courses. Visit