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Kristi Avalos , RAS, APAC-BE

President/CEO | Accessology Too, LLC

Kristi Avalos, President/CEO of Accessology Too, LLC, is a nationally renowned leader in providing accessibility consulting services and is a sought-after speaker with a knack for using an upbeat approach to help others understand the complexities of ADA compliance. With over 40 years of experience, she provides expert witnessing on ADA, 504, Federal Housing Administration, and Air Carrier Access Act legal cases. Kristi has been involved with the United States Access Board, Department of Justice, and other agencies and organizations that have shaped accessibility legislation and trends since the early 1980’s. In 1990 Kristi founded Accessology Too, LLC which is a national leader in providing accessibility consulting services and is one of the largest U.S. firms dedicated solely to access issues. With Accessology, Kristi has worked on accessibility compliance with numerous multi‐million-dollar projects, including education institutions of every type and size, during all stages from schematics to construction. Since 2005 Accessology has specialized in the development, execution, and monitoring of the required ADA Transition Plans for Title II entities to help them avoid access-related litigation since so much litigation is tied to not having a Transition Plan on file. Kristi Avalos and her team at Accessology are committed to removing structural and attitudinal barriers that adversely impact people with disabilities


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Designing for Accessibility & Beauty

Accessibility, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, often appears to be an unsightly afterthought to fulfill the letter of the law. However, when access is intentionally built in the plans, the design can be functional, accessible, and beautiful! Through this presentation, attendees will learn how the principles of accessible design can be attractive and at the same time beneficial in all design contexts. Creating beautiful design that everyone can enjoy changes lives, as it opens vast opportunities that were once closed to many.

Course expires 06/05/2026

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