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Nancy Alexander

Leadership coach, Certified Master FacilitatorTM, Organizational development consultant

Nancy Alexander, a long-time partner to architects and the building industry, is a leadership coach, Certified Master FacilitatorTM, and organizational development consultant. Nancy holds a BA (sociology) and MBA from Yale, an MA in women’s studies, an executive coaching certificate from Columbia University, and the diploma in systemic team coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching, U.K. Nancy lectures at the Yale School of Architecture, where she serves on the Dean’s Council and facilitated the school’s strategic plans, culture and climate survey, and five-year DEIBelonging plan. She has also served ACSA, BIMForum/AGC, Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, KPFF, Architecture Lobby, Storefront for Art and Architecture, Autodesk, and several private firms and university departments.


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Implementing Justice in the Built Environment

Centering justice means different things to different people, depending on context and on their definition of justice. For architects, justice in the built environment encompasses history and practices that can be unrecognized and therefore difficult to notice and name. For clients and communities, justice may be understood through lived experience and values that are recent or continued from their ancestors.

This course will offer participants frameworks for examining their own practices and broaden their capacity to center justice in ways that are most likely to be effective. The research team will share what they learned while writing the Justice in the Built Environment supplement after completing the AIA Guides for Equitable Practice and suggest ways they think practitioners can use the actions, prompts, and worksheets to center justice with their clients and community partners.

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Course expires 2/13/2026

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