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  • Performing Beautifully: Lessons from 2022 COTE Top Ten Award-winning teams

Performing Beautifully: Lessons from 2022 COTE Top Ten Award-winning teams

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The AIA COTE® Top Ten Awards have become the profession’s preeminent awards for projects that holistically integrate and exemplify design excellence and building performance, defining a new standard for “good design” that addresses the urgent needs of our time. This year’s winning projects demonstrate that beautiful, high-performance design is possible for every project. This years winners include, sustainable housing for veterans, repurposed spaces that focus on community engagement and learning spacings that promote equity and inclusion.  

This presentation examines those projects through the lens of the AIA Framework for Design Excellence to highlight innovative, replicable models for more sustainable development regardless of project type, size, or location. Attendees will gain valuable insight, learn about new techniques, systems, and tools, and leave feeling inspired by the broad range of design solutions presented.

Learning Objectives


Identify the sustainable design principles that created exemplary features and functionality in the COTE Top Ten award-wining projects. 


Explain the sustainable design features that appear among the COTE Top Ten award winners for creating a restorative future through beauty and performance.


Apply lessons learned and technical solutions to comprehensive high-performance design to collectively transform practice.


Discuss more innovative techniques, systems, and tools to reach sustainability and performance goals within their own projects.