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ADA Tolerances and Acceptable Measurements

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This course will cover the specific wording of ADA Standards Section 104.1.1 on tolerances and similar language in selected other accessibility standards and explain how they should be interpreted. It will cover what types of conditions are subject to the tolerances language and which ones are not. The panelists will discuss how they measure field conditions affecting accessibility and ADA compliance, how those measurements are critical in understanding and applying the tolerances language, and what types of field conditions affect the determination of whether a measurement is within the tolerances. This session provides architects with peer feedback on a critical but highly esoteric topic.

Course expires 1/6/2025

Learning Objectives


Understand how to analyze and apply ADA and other accessibility tolerance language where it is different from building code tolerance language.      


Know where to find additional resources to assist you when you need to determine whether a field condition on a project falls within ADA tolerances.


Measure many of the field conditions where arguments often arise about what is and is not within ADA tolerances.


Gain a holistic approach to minimizing risk and maximizing compliance with ADA standards.