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Why is Accessibility So Hard?

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Accessible design is inherently challenging because it’s not a "settled science." Standards are constantly evolving—sometimes even in conflict with one another. This course will cut through the confusion.

Our discussion/exploration will:

  • Review compliance missteps and achievements in real-world scenarios
  • Identify phases of the design process where various concerns are best addressed
  • Help you create a clear plan for accessibility success
  • Address questions, comments, and concerns from members like you

Hear from accessibility experts and learn from the experiences of your peers in this clarifying course.

Course expires on 4/19/2026.

Learning Objectives


Explain the best ways to design accessibility into projects at each phase of the project. 


Identify valuable no-cost accessibility resources available throughout the country and funded by the federal government. 


Apply knowledge of the problem/solution process (identify, analyze, address) exemplified in the course to your practice.  


Use the checklist of accessibility issues at each phase of your project work.