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  • Negotiate with Confidence - Even in a Downturn!

Negotiate with Confidence - Even in a Downturn!

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Does that little voice inside you say - Be happy with what you have - don't get pushy! - Times are tough right now - I can't ask now... But why not? The fact is that WOMEN DON'T ASK and most bosses are not mind-readers. But they also don't want to lose you - particularly in these tought times. However, if you are not happy, you won't produce your best, so let's come clean and learn how to negotiate for everyone's benefit. Did you know 20% of adult women admit having never negotiated? Of course, that means that 80% have, but maybe you didn't get what you wanted. Women are known as strong collaborators, multi-taskers and relationship builders, which happen to be three essential skills needed to negotiate successfully. Multiple studies attribute this lack of negotiating to a lack of confidence and some would add risk-taking. Don't let fear of negotiating get you stuck! Join Elizabeth Suárez as she leads participants through her exclusive and effective Negotiation Unleashed System. This process will have you feeling prepared, confident, and excited to negotiate for everything you want - in business and in life. By the end of the session, you will feel more confident and embraced three essential tips that you can immediately implement to accomplish your goals!

Course expires: 10/09/2026

Learning Objectives


Become a stronger negotiator by implementing a straight-forward process that keeps you focused on your desired outcome.


Discover and see how a networking approach builds your negotiation skills.


Explore effective self-advocacy strategies that will compliment your newly acquired negotiation and networking skills.


Prepare and practice tactics to transforms a "no" into an acceptable compromise.

This on-demand session of the Power Moves virtual series is brought to you by AIA's Women's Leadership Summit