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Opening Keynote: Amale Andraos

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Amale Andraos, FRAIC, presents recent projects demonstrating principles of resilience and high performance design strategies. She speaks to the methods available to architects even when confronted with small budgets and tight timelines. Amale also appears in conversation with conference co-chair and research assistant professor Stephen Mueller to discuss the challenges of designing in areas of social and environmental instability and highlights the strength of connecting academia with practice in an intentional way.

Course expires 01/25/2026

Learning Objectives


Discover principles of resilient design in the built environment.


Hear about high performance strategies in architecture, landscape and ecological systems that can be implemented on projects with lower budgets.


Understand the overlapping spheres of design and implementation in the social and environmental context.


Discuss challenges facing the world, particularly those of climate change, social equity, and the impact of data and technology on the built environment.