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Introduction to Project Management

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Regardless of scale, new projects will always require effective project management—whether you’re employed by an architecture firm, as a consultant, in academia, or you’ve pursued another career path that leverages your unique set of design skills. But what does project management actually entail? What’s the difference between being a manager and a project manager? What skills do project managers need? 

In this course, you’ll discover the fundamentals of project management, understand what it takes to become a project manager, and learn proven strategies for building and supporting an effective project team. 

This entry-level course is perfect for people who are considering project management as a career path or who want to better manage their own work—even if you work outside the AEC industry.

Course expires 02/10/2027

Learning Objectives


Identify the three main characteristics that define a project.


Describe the role of a project manager and the skills necessary to succeed.


Explain the 4 phases of project management and the steps to implement each phase.


Summarize the role of a project manager and the skills necessary to succeed.