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Equitable Communities Through Inclusive Urban Development

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Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in urban planning requires a holistic approach that considers the roles of downtowns, suburbs, and neighborhoods. Comprehensive land use plans, 10-minute neighborhoods, plus transit- and trails-oriented development are valuable tools in creating inclusive and sustainable communities. Discover how to address historical harms, engage communities, and prioritize civic investments to ensure that the benefits of development are shared equitably with leading proponents of integrating DEI with design: Vanessa Morrison, MRCP and Dana McKinney White.  Hosted by the Regional and Urban Design Committee (RUDC).

This course was recorded live on April 30, 2024.

Course expires 3/9/2027

Learning Objectives


Describe strategies and best practices at the building and neighborhood scale to address social justice and economic equity.  


Identify effective outreach tools and accountability methods to engage diverse communities in planning efforts. 


Describe a 10-minute neighborhood and identify how they can contribute to social and economic wellness. 


Explain which components of Comprehensive Land Use Plans can contribute to equitable policies. 

Identify community infrastructure investments that deliver the most impactful benefits to marginalized groups.

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Dana is a licensed architect and urban planner, and advocate for social justice and equity through design. Her academic and professional work integrates wellness, policy, and economics into innovative design solutions to benefit even the most vulnerable populations including system-impacted communities, persons experiencing homelessness, and aging populations. She co-founded enFOLD Collective, an interdisciplinary architecture, planning, and design practice positioning community voices at the center of its projects. Dana also established Studio KINN where she consults on considerations of social justice, equity, and alternatives to incarceration.
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As Partner with WHLC Architecture, Rex oversees a broad range of urban planning and architectural design projects throughout the Southeast for university, municipal, institutional and developer clients. His career spans over 40 years of professional practice across the U.S. and England. This experience in a variety of urban centers formed his interest in vibrant civic environments with a human scale. Rex serves on multiple arts, business, civic, municipal, philanthropic and professional boards and committees; each with a deep commitment to enhancing regional and urban conditions.
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Vanessa is a social impact urban planner and community development professional dedicated to empowering and supporting communities. Her professional and academic roles enable her to design and lead approaches to address equity challenges, coordinate community engagement opportunities for marginalized groups, consult on domestic and international urban planning related projects, collaborate on planning initiatives, and activate spatial and social environments. She has experience in developing and implementing engagement strategies that reach into multi-faceted communities, state and local governments. The Institute for Quality Communities has worked in over 50 communities of all sizes.