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Embodied Carbon 101

If you’re not considering embodied carbon as part of each project’s CO2 emissions, this series is for you. Embodied Carbon 101 is designed to help AEC professionals understand embodied carbon and immediately apply that knowledge to projects to reduce emissions and get to zero carbon. Unlike operational carbon, which can be reduced during a building’s lifetime, embodied carbon is “locked in” as soon as a building is completed. Over 12 courses, you’ll learn how to measure, manage, and implement practical solutions from expert practitioners including architects and sustainable building product manufacturers. Buildings contribute about 40% of the world’s carbon emissions, and embodied carbon is a big slice of the pie. Let’s all do our part to get to zero together.

This series was presented by the Boston Society for Architecture (BSA) with support from CLF Boston, the Boston Hub of the Carbon Leadership Forum. The Embodied Carbon 101 advisory group was Suni Dillard AIA, HMFH Architects; Lori Ferriss AIA, Goody Clancy; Julie Janiski, Buro Happold; Lisa Carey Moore, Integrated Eco Strategy; Jacob Deva Racusin, New Frameworks Natural Design/Build; and Rachel White, Byggmeister Design/Build. Embodied Carbon 101 was sponsored by Ark Woods & Services; Goody Clancy; Huber Engineered Woods; Kingspan; Nordic Structures; Select Building Products; and Thoughtforms. Series partners were AGC MA; Built Environment Plus; the International Living Future Institute; and the Structural Engineering Institute.

Sponsored on AIAU by GAF.

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